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Process on How to Get a New Social Security Card


Most individuals get their Social Security cards very early in life. It is very challenging at times to keep a card for all that while. For those who have lost their security cards can renew them at any stage of their lives. The renewal process is familiar to most people because it does require so much from the applicant. Also, you might need to apply for a new card when you get married or divorced. However, the process of application and issuance seems very daunting for the new applicants. That is why we have we have compiled this detailed guide to help the newbies to get a new Social Security cards without necessarily hassling and bustling. Fortunately, applying and getting issued a new Social Security card is not hard especially if you have the necessary information. The legit steps for a new application or replacement must be followed strictly.



Have the Right Documents

The first thing is to gather all necessary supporting documents that will be used at a different stage of your application. The Application for the Social Security Card starts by gathering documents that will prove your age, name and your citizenship status. Once you have required documents, you can then proceed to access the application form.



Follow the Rules of Application

After gathering all the required documents you should read and understand what the law says about the social security card application act. When an individual who is younger than eighteen years applies for this card, they have guidelines as per the form, SS-5. Also, the same applies to an adult who is dependent. The Form SS-5 is only a single page that contains only 18 items on it. The items can be completed without help but if you do not understand you can as well seek help. Form SS-5 can be printed, filled by hand and submitted or filled in its PDF format then printed and submitted.


Application Method

The last step on how to apply and get a new Social Security card is filling the application. The application form can be found on the internet. Filling the social security card form is very simple and straightforward. There the three main ways to get the application done rightfully. One of the ways is through the internet. The internet application is widespread since it is very simple and efficient. The second is done in person. The last one can be done by sending an email. The Social Security Administrators are the ones to check your eligibility and if you have met all the requirements.



Eligibility Check

The government issues the card number on your social security card after eligibility has been confirmed. The number is essentially used to track your lifetime earnings along with your work history. Therefore, when opening a bank account, you must use the approved number. The card number is also used when enrolling for a Medicare or getting a passport.